Webelos II

posted Sep 10, 2011, 9:22 PM by Bob Tormey   [ updated Sep 11, 2011, 6:45 AM ]
Webelos II is like Cub Scouting's senior year.  You remember senior year, right?  Chances are you're smiling as you read this.

1. It's a New World ... Almost
If you had a productive Webelos I year, get ready  to coast!  If your scouts want to earn Compass Points, encourage them.  If they want to try for Super 20, push them gently.  As Den Leader, your sights need to be on the Arrow of Light.  Fortunately, a lot of the coordination will take place for you.  You just need to plug-in and assure that everything happens as it should.  For the most part, Arrow of Light will take care of itself.  It only requires a total of eight Activity Pins, and you amassed a bunch last year.  So what's next?

2. "Be Prepared"
The Webelos Readyman activity pin is the Webelos equivalent of the Boy Scout Motto.  It gets them into the Boy Scout mindset by emphasizing safety, prevention, and first aid.  Later in Boy Scouts, they'll have an opportunity to move beyond awareness and into practice.  They will be many steps ahead in whatever they do, they'll get the most out of the present opportunity while prepared for the possibilities in their path.

3. Camping in the Great Outdoors
The Webelos Outdoorsman activity pin teaches and reinforces scouting skills as they apply to camping.   The knots that the boys learned in Bears will be used to fasten their tent.   Fire safety and environmental respect are squarely on the curriculum.  The Webelos experience is a learning-by-doing affair.  They will camp, they will hike, they will cook, and will do so like a Patrol with Boy Scouts.  The Elements, as described in Webelos I, impact Webelos II in a different way.  You will accept three-season, and potentially four-season (e.g., Klondike Derby) exposure in all of its incarnations.  It's pouring buckets?  Great, you'll get a little wet.  Nighttime temperatures in the teens?  Fantastic, you'll dress in layers and bring weather-appropriate gear.  You will be prepared for whatever nature provides for you.  Expect to see a lot of it this year.

4. Sports Court
Although not required, Sportsman is a fitting Activity pin for the final year.  It reinforces respectful competition and knowledge of the official rules, and so promotes maturity and the value of oversight.

5. Scout Networking Scout-style
Your Webelos Scouts will attend at least one troop meeting and will meet one-on-one with at least one Scoutmaster.  During their activities and events with Scout Troops, they will meet Senior Patrol Leaders, work with scouts of all ranks, and will get a sense of how Troops and Patrols operate.  When they cross-over, they not only will have earned their Arrow of Light, they will have been fully transitioned to their new troop in the process, and they will start their new scouting march in stride.

Thank you for your leadership over the years to Pack 200, its scouts, and its families.  You'll be reminiscing about your times with your son, with his friends, and your friends in scouting for many years.  Your son will remember the good times with him for a lifetime, and will take the values he learned into his future, and may even translate your initiative into a successful scouting career (think Eagle!) and beyond.