Tiger Tuesday Letter

posted Sep 10, 2011, 6:33 AM by Bob Tormey   [ updated Sep 10, 2011, 9:07 PM ]
Welcome to Pack 200 Medfield!

Hello Scouting Families,

Pack 200's first event for you is affectionately known as "Tiger Tuesday."  Despite the name, it is an orientation for ALL new scouts and their families to introduce you to the journey ahead.  Everyone is encouraged to attend, including siblings if they want.

Tiger Tuesday will feature:
  • a craft,
  • a mini-Pack meeting,
  • a game (using the aforementioned craft),
  • information sharing for the adults,
  • ice cream, and
  • initial den organization and planning.
The event starts at 6:45 PM at the Memorial School.  Please try to get there as close to 6:45 PM as possible.  This is known as "Gathering Time" - a period of informal activity that leads up to a formal Cub Scout meeting.  You don't need to be precise, but arriving in plenty of time before 7:00 PM will provide more opportunity for your kids to engage in the craft.

The Gathering Activity
We will be making "Crazy Robot Helmets" - upside-down paper bowls that will adorned in color, balloons, pipe cleaners, and fuzzy things.  We'll have examples ready, and older Webelos Scouts will be there to help.  You may want to help your child get started, but chances are the kids' creativity will kick-in quickly.  If they do not finish their helmets, they'll have more time after the mini-Pack Meeting.  Please assure that your kids take the helmets home with you; we don't want any heartbroken robots.

The Mini-Pack Meeting
Tiger Dens 1 & 11 will have a dedicated area for sitting.  New Tiger Scouts sit in front, with parents and siblings immediately behind them.  This will simulate the arrangement of a real, monthly Pack meeting.  We will start immediately at 7:00 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance because we'll have a lot of ground to cover before we can conclude the evening.  Our Cubmaster, Gary MacDonald, has an impeccable track record of ending on-time, so I'll need you to take your place by 7 PM.

The mini-Pack meeting will be fun.  It will start officially when you hear us say, "Sign's-up!"  Within a few seconds, we'll ask, "Hey, why aren't your signs up??? ... Oh, you don't know the Cub Scout sign yet, do you?"  And were off from there.  By the time we're done with the mini-Pack meeting, your son will know the sign, salute, motto, and handshake; he'll be half-way toward earning his first Cub Scout badge: the Bobcat.

Game and "Parent Pull-out"
While the children return to the craft tables to put the finishing touches on their helmets, we'll re-arrange the remaining tables for you and conduct a "Parent Pull-out."  This feature allows the Pack to share information with you while the kids are hollering during game-time.  During Tiger Tuesday, we'll explain some background and your role for the Pack meetings.  Pack 200 boasts about 100 scouts, so the large group can become unleashed if not carefully controlled.  This is why we need you sitting behind them at the meetings; we need your gentle support whenever we call-out "Sign's-up!"  We'll need your help to capture and recapture their attention.

We'll introduce you to the "Handbook," which is your scouting guide for the year.  We'll cover the uniform and insignia, and advise you on where to get them.  We'll describe achievements and the badges and other awards that your scouts can earn and display.  We'll review the "Shared Responsibility"  leadership model, and describe the scouting year with special attention to the month of March, when your scouts will formally "earn" their rank.  Finally, we'll describe the life of the Cub Scout Den, which is where much of the scouting adventure takes place.

Ice Cream and Initial Den Planning
As the children feast on ice cream, we'll gather the parents of the new dens into their respective groups.  Leaders will be with you to answer questions.  Our only expectation for the night is that you agree on a place and time for your first Den Planning Meeting.  This is a parents-only meeting held in September at a home or restaurant (we tend to favor the Noon Hill Grille) to satisfy all of the rank requirements by March.  Calendars, paper or electronic, are the main tool to send you on your way home.  We will not let you leave until we have your commitment on the date and place of the planning meeting. To keep the Cubmaster's track record in perfect shape, he'll need you to give him your meeting info before 8 PM.

Oh, and don't forget to take your helmets home with you.

See you there!