About Us

Pack 200 of Medfield, MA has been a place for boys to have fun, learn and explore since 1962!

Generally, Pack 200 meets September through May on the third Thursday of the month from 6:45 to 8 pm.  Most meetings are at the Dale Street School cafeteria, though meetings may occasionally be held at the Memorial School cafeteria (depending upon facility availability). 

The pack has a strong track record of community service and advancement.  Pack 200 rallies regularly for  environmental and social service projects.  Internally, Cub Scouting's achievement trail begins with the Bobcat badge.  Having completed their orientation, scouts spend their year working on a rank badge: Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, or  Arrow of Light using the Boy Scouts of America Handbooks.  Rank recognition, rank graduation, and cross-over to Boy Scouts are marked by elaborate ceremonies.  The Cubmaster of Ceremonies assures that pack monthly meetings are efficient, informative, and entertaining, and that all boys receive the recognition they've earned.

Scouts meet frequently in dens - groups of about eight boys in the same grade.  Dens emphasize achievement, fun, and safety.  As the boys advance, the dens have more choice to determine their programs, but family involvement is always a key to individual, den, and pack success.

The pack is run by a Pack Committee who oversee the annual program, finances, membership, advancement,   communication, leader training, and the relationship with the Old Colony Council and Seven Rivers District. 

The pack offers several, optional outdoor and overnight events that comply with BSA guidelines.  All pack indoor our outdoor activities emphasize fun, safety, and appropriate behavior.   The Class A uniform shirt, neckerchief & clasp, and belt along with dark pants are required for formal events, and Class B t-shirts are available for more play-oriented and physical events.  BSA issued hats, pants, and socks are optional, but encouraged.

Pack 200 conducts Cub Scouting's signature events - the Pinewood Derby and the Blue & Gold Banquet, in the wintertime.  Their energy and excitement generate memories that last a lifetime.  The solemn Arrow of Light ceremony at Blue & Gold in February leads to the dramatic send-off in March when the Webelos II scouts attend their last Pack Meeting, and begin their new journey with a Boy Scout Troop.

As a Massachusetts based community organization, Pack 200 believes that discrimination goes against the values of Scouting and has no place in Scouting's future.  Our pack welcomes Cub Scouts of all backgrounds and faiths.  Pack 200 is chartered to Saint Edward's Church in Medfield.